Our Programs

The Life Transformation Program

The Life Transition Program (LTP) aims to give recovery residents the ability to live a completely sober and addiction-free life. Residents live in our facility for 10-12 months, during which time we provide them the tools to flourish spiritually, financially, emotionally, and socially.

A key component of the recovery program is regular meetings with a case manager, attending AA meetings, and working through the 12-step process throughout the first 9 months with a sponsor. A variety of other recovery and spiritual classes are also offered every day. Jesus House partners with North Care and Red Rock and other community partners to assist with any mental health or medication needs.



The first six months of the recovery program are about safety, healing, and new hope. Many of our residents have just come from painful or traumatizing circumstances, so we aim to provide them with a safe environment to take a breath and allow the healing process to begin.

During this time, residents spend 4-6 hours a day doing different work therapy roles, including work in the warehouse, kitchen, cleaning department, receptionist desk, or security. This period also helps you build routines, grow in service to the community and oneself, and develop control over mind, body, and spirit.


After six months, the program is all about exciting new growth, education, and training with the goal of entirely transforming the lives of our residents and helping them return to society. Working with a career transition specialist will be a big part of this phase, helping residents develop lifelong tools to continue their success. This phase will grow professional skills and includes helping our residents secure employment opportunities.

The Daily Food Line

Each day we serve meals to the homeless or anyone that comes on the property. There are no questions asked.

Meals are served 365 days a year from 4-5 pm.

The Food Basket Program

Our Food Basket Program assists those who need help with food. We strive for the basket to contain enough food for a family of 4 with meals for 3-4 days, including fresh produce, meat, and dairy products.

Food baskets are distributed every Wednesday starting at 8:00 am until we run out of food.

To receive a basket, please arrive in a vehicle. We recommend coming earlier than 8:00 am as some individuals are here as early as 7:00 am to secure their spot.

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